Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sharing the love

I have always used food as a way to show love.  There is something so lovely about being able to create something that will nourish another person and make them feel special.  My favourite experiences, conversations, memories and places revolve around food.  This Christmas, I have decided to 'share the love' by putting together wonderful little care packages of delicious goodies.  Being on school holidays also provides me the luxury of long days of playing around in the kitchen, and as much as I would love to (and sometimes try), cannot possibly eat my way through all of my creations.  I have purchased fantastic clean, white filing boxes from Kikki-K which I intend to fill with yummy goodness.  This year, I've pulled out a few ol' faithfuls - tangy lemon shortbread, indulgent red velvet cupcakes and naughty chocolate caramel slice - as well as experimenting with some I've yet to try - crisp biscotti based loosely on a Donna Hay recipe and more to be decided on.
So, with a loyal and devoted 'taster' (the title helper would be a complete and utter misrepresentation), my younger sister, Lizzie...I began my baking marathon.  Stay tuned for the results.
F. x

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