Friday, 27 January 2012

Apple-y, Donut-y Fabulicious-ness

As you can see, these Apple Fritters from blogger Seemingly Greek (as featured on one of my favourite blogs, Best Friends for Frosting) are so good that they have me inventing new words!  All the sweet, crunchy outer - light inner that you are after in a donut without the hassle of yeast and everything else that goes along with making a donut from scratch. 

These apple fritters were the easiest things to make and even better, don't go soggy when you make them in advance and store them in the fridge.  While this site is American, and recommended a typical American glazed approach, I simply coated the fritters in caster sugar as soon as I took them out of the pan.  They are just mounds of golden delicious-ness and mind-blowingly phenomenal.  Whether you have them hot out of the pan with a dollop of icecream or sneak a little nibble out of the fridge, these will not disappoint any sweet craving you might have. I recommend that each and every one of you share in this bliss and make them this instant.  Comfort food at its best.

F. x

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