Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mr and Mrs Strawberries and Cream

Well this Mr and Mrs are now residing in Blackwater!  Everything is going well despite a few initial hiccups.  Sadly, I arrived to an oven that is not in working order so naturally, am DEVASTATED! I am now on the countdown until it gets fixed - be prepared for updates.  Not one to be a downer, I have been trying to work around this slight speed bump by hunting down "no oven required" recipes.

Seeing as it is unbelievably toasty warm in happy little Blackwater, I felt it apt that my first Central Queensland post be a heat extinguishing number.  Introducing my delightfully refreshing Strawberries and Cream Sparkling Iced Tea.  Gloriously crimson in colour, icy cold and deliciously fresh with strawberries and lime, all this tea needed was a touch of sparkling water for added class and glamour.  Serving it up with lunch, which my husband had come home for (in itself so quaint and country) I felt need to "man it up" a tad with the most fabulous "tousche" glass for my Mr.  Seeing how adorable they looked together, I couldn't help but take a quick snap of our Mr and Mrs Iced Teas.  Now let me whole-heartedly assure you that these tasted just as amazing as they look and definitely hit the spot!

F. x

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