Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Queen Bean

Generally, Vanilla (as a flavour) has people in a couple of camps.  You may be one of those who classes Vanilla as bland, the option when there are no other options.  Perhaps you quite enjoy the creaminess of a Vanilla milk shake and don't mind Vanilla at all.  The other side in this flavour-triangle is the Vanilla lover - not just content with Vanilla as a flavour but also as a shower gel, moisturiser and room fragrance...this is moi.  Vanilla may well be boring and uninspiring in cooking if you have only been exposed to cheap imitation vanillas, such as Vanilla Essence.  Once you have gone down the 'real' vanilla track, that is, vanilla beans, vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste, you simply won't be able to go back.
These wonderful little cakes are soft and luscious, stunning white with the tiny little black flecks of vanilla bean.  But I hear you thinking, is that it?  No, my darlings, that is not...it.  They are topped with the most amazing vanilla buttercream.  It truly tastes like creamy vanilla ice-cream, full of gorgeous flavourful vanilla paste.  These are the Queen 'Bean' of Vanilla Cupcakes.  In fact, this exact recipe was crowned "The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake" by experimental blog The Cupcake Project.  For this very reason, I will allow you to follow the link for the recipe rather than reproducing it here.  Stef has included some amazing tips which include baking yourself a 'test cupcake' prior to baking the batch, ensuring you have the perfect cooking time and cupcake result.  I really couldn't not share this recipe with you.


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